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"The grand, glorious chaos of Ives’s Fourth Symphony — with its mad layering of different tempos, its discontinuities, its need for two conductors merely to keep the whole thing together — has rarely had this clarity. "

-The New York Times


"...they transformed the usually stodgy art song template into a longer-arc story of returning home after enduring a war propelled largely by the voices of that generation. Listeners of my generation could liken the program structure to a concept album..."

-Sarasota Herald-Tribune


"Peter Dugan, in a stirring solo turn, manned the downstage piano keyboard in a tour de force of hammered chords and sprawling passage work." 

-San Francisco Classical Voice


"there is a piano soloist — in this case the energetic and fearlessly athletic Peter Dugan — called on to execute feats of alarming dexterity." 

-San Francisco Chronicle


"it was the delicacy of phrasing, the smartness of the segues and the range of colour from the pianist Peter Dugan that really struck"  

-The Times


"Dugan is an artist with great expressive skills and has that special performance gene that allows him to communicate directly with an audience. His animated playing was infectious and yet he did it without any of the tawdry pianistic stage gestures one often sees."      

-Classical Sonoma


"stunning solo pianist"  

-Los Angeles Times



"together, the Dugans had the special magic of a devoted couple, backed up with staggering technical skills."

-The Reading Eagle


"a formidable soloist"

-The Washington Post


"Dugan and Lee played with perfect balance and exquisite taste. Dugan’s pearly tone fit this music perfectly...


-Palm Beach Daily News 


"...Dugan’s re-imagined stride piano fell perfectly between jazz and classical..." 

-South Florida Classical Review

Street Players BW.jpeg

"...a classical-meets-rockstar duo" 

-Wall Street Journal

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